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boat charter stockholm

We are going to the archipelago this weekend. But we don't have a boat. That's no problem, I've got that covered. How? I've booked the best boat charter in Stockholm, so it'll be a treat. Oh, how exciting! I know, I cannot wait. What else are we going to do out there? I don't know, just wing it I guess. Yes, I like that, to seize the day and do whatever we feel like. I know, that's how I like it, because it's the most relaxing way, I think. Definitely, to just feel it and live in the moment ...

A software for the hotel

I've recently gotten a new hotel software. It took some time to get it up and running, but now everything is working just fine. It's a great software i must say. It got a lot of different functions that is very helpful. So I'm not regretting getting this software. It has made things around the hotel so much easier. The bookings and other stuff are so much easier and we can keep better watch over them. So I can recommend that you get this software for your hotel as well!